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California Property.

Living the good life in California isn't all it's cracked up to be. Really.

Yesterday I played eighteen holes before nine am, and then afterwards, when I get home, my wife made me go back and do it again.

It's stuff like this that really burns me up. In fact I was playing Amillio Berns at the time. He lost. I won. So the morning ended up ok.

Then came the afternoon: During lunch, my doctor calls and tells me he has good new and bad news.  "Give me the bad news first" I said. "You've go gall-stones" he said. So I ask; "What's the good news?"  - I'm open at 2pm to play.

So here I am; ..a guy with gall stones playing his third round of golf before tea time..

Later that afternoon, I turned down an invitation to play a late round with my father who just arrived in town for the week, (and couldn't wait to get out on the green and play).

Frankly I'm a little disillusioned, slightly worn out, and ready for the sauna.  

But I know that things will look a rosier in the morning when I'm eyeing the course with a club in my hand and nicely land the ball on the green on the golf course.

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Love golf?

Think you might need to live on the golf course?


California Property -

California Property by California Golf Course Homes can help make your next home a reality. We offer direct access to real estate and luxury homes for sale in California. We specialize in california property, investment property, and in making golfers happy by placing them where they want to be - on the golf course. So while you're out on the course complaining about the quality of the green, you'll find us quietly working away on your behalf meeting all of your California real estate needs for california property.

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California Property.


One of the inconveniences of living any where is knowing your neighbors.

 Neighbors that live on the golf course can be particularly annoying; - continually talking about their golf scores and the hole-in-one they got earlier in the day.

But such is life when you live on the golf course.

California Golf Course Homes: Meeting the needs of everyday people who continually annoy others by talking about nothing but golfing.

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California Property.


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